Why Have an Automatic Gate?
There are numerous reasons why you might decide to install residential electric gates , all of which need to be considered throughout the design stage.Each popular reason has a direct bearing on the controls and equipment used together with the design and build of the gate(s) and piers.Your initial reason for purchase may, and often does change so design flexibility and forward planning is always recommended.

Points to Consider when thinking about an Automatic Gate

  • Do pedestrians need access?
  • What is your primary reason for having a system?
  • What materials do you want the gate made out of?
  • Do you have a view on the style and design which will work best for you?
  • How many cars need regular access?
  • How will the gate system open?
  • Who can use the system?
  • Do you need automatic closing?
  • How do people leave and are there any other exits?
  • Do you want to speak to visitors before you let them in?
  • Do you want to be able to see visitors before you let them in?

Most people know why they want an automatic gate but don't always think about some of the other issues until its been installed - then it's too late.

Protection for children & pets
Automatic closing control will ensure that gates are left closed securely giving you peace of mind when children and pets are outdoors.

Unwanted callers can be a thing of the past. No more suspicious visitors checking your property out. A closed gate is often a deterrent to opportunist theft where a thief needs to make a quick getaway.

Protect gardens from stray animals
An automatic gate systems will help protect your property from stray cattle, horses and other animals entering and destroying lawns and shrubs.

An automatic gate system adds value and appeal to your home. A gate system cab improve the look and stature of your property. Aesthetically it provides that finishing touch.

Sheeted or part sheeted gates can help keep prying eyes and unwanted visitors at bay. Also noise reduction may be achieved near busy schools or main roads.

Most major insurers will offer discount when reliable security gates are installed and maintained.

You can open gates from the comfort of yourown car or home. Systems can also be controlled from anywhere using your telephone.

Control access
Access control devices will only let authorised users through. Audio and video communications and control systems can identify callers before you let them in.