Car turntables are becoming increasing popular in both the residential and the commercial markets.

A car turntable is a rotating platform designed for use by a car but also available in heavy duty options for vans, trucks and buses. In residential areas they are usually installed in a driveway or garage floor and they rotate a motor vehicle to facilitate easier and safer egress. In commercial situations they have many applications such as: Car dealerships / showrooms, Restaurant, delivery areas, Underground parking lots, Car parks, Heritage visitor centres, Car wash areas, Exhibition halls


Manual or motorized operation

Range of sizes to suit all areas

Standard top surface finish non slip aluminium

Other top surface finishes available to blend with all surroundings

 Various access control options

Flush or above ground installation options

Adjustable speed

Emergency stop switch

Safe soft start and stop

Showroom Turntable


 No more reversing out onto a hazardous road

Reduce the risk of damaging expensive vehicles going into or out of a tight driveway

Reduce the risk of theft by parking at a 90° angle

User friendly

Car showrooms can uses turntables to show off their latest models either in the showroom or forecourt

Low maintenance

Property developers can provide more parking spaces for residents

Commercial facilities located in cul-de-sacs particularly benefit from turntables by allowing large trucks to turn around in a small space after completing their business.