Security Bollards

Gate Automation Systems (Irl) offer a wide range of both automatic and manually operated bollards. We have a large selection of bollards to suit all types of projects from simple residential bollards to high security bollards for industrial or commercial applications. They can be installed to give firm vehicular restraint while preserving an open and inviting environment. They are easy to install retrospectively as they can be either ground or surface mounted if required. Static or fixed bollards are ideal for pedestrian schemes, parks, and other situations where an effective but aesthetically pleasing traffic restriction is required

Fixed Bollards / Posts

These types of bollards are ideal for securing perimeters, marking pedestrian zones, parks or securing a permanent pattern of traffic.

Available in three materials: Recycled Plastic, Polyurethane and Steel.

Recycled Plastic is made from 100% consumer waste, environmentally friendly and can again be recycled. Available in black as standard.

Polyurethane is a modern material that is easily castable as a direct replacement to traditional cast iron. Polyurethane bollards typically weigh 30% of their cast iron equivalent. Polyurethane does not corrode and will not shatter under severe impact. Available in black as standard.

Steel is galvanised mild steel tube with cast iron ornamental caps & base rings. Galvanised finish as standard, colours available extra. Steel bollards can be plastic coated, powder coated or painted.

Available in traditional and modern designs.

Manual / Retractable Bollards

The retractable/telescopic security posts and bollards are the perfect barrier to crime and when strategically located on forecourts, car parks and shop fronts they offer a true 24 hour deterrent, whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing. All retractable and telescopic removable bollards and posts are highly recommended by crime prevention officers as the perfect answer to protecting property and vehicles.

Retractable bollards are designed for medium security situations such as traffic and parking control, as they offer adequate security whilst remaining easy to operate and aesthetically pleasing. The bollards are available in either a round or square shape having a wall thickness of 5mm upwards. The operation of the bollard is both quick and easy and there are several methods of operation available.

Semi Automatic and Automatic Bollards

These type of bollards are primarily used as an access control system for motor vehicles. They hold distinct advantages over boom gates & other forms of vehicular access control.

Designed to restrict vehicle access in both public and private areas, these bollards have an operation time of approx 4 seconds and are 200mm in diameter and 500/800mm high. Manual override is allowed in the event of an emergency or power failure and there is also the option of an electro-valve and coupling, which automatically lowers the bollard in the event of a power failure. The electronic control unit allows the systems to be operated in either automatic or semi-automatic mode and are easily integrated with access control and safety equipment such as traffic lights, photocells and ground loops.

These bollards sink into the ground in less than 4 seconds (adjustable) by means of a remote control device allowing authorized vehicles entry/exit and rise back up automatically once the vehicle has passed through.

This system is very easy to use and its applications are varied. It enables not only access control to a private housing estate, company grounds or any street, but also gives an answer to urban needs in terms of remote on-line technical centralized supervision.

They are available in a number of different finishes.

Crash Tested Automatic Bollards

The crash tested automatic bollard is a "supreme" security bollard in steel. It provides extra high security and has been crash tested to stop vehicles within 10 metres of hitting the bollard, paralysing the vehicle.

This is an alternative to the roadblocker when the environment requires an architecturally pleasing security system. The crash tested road bollards, lie flush to the road surface at rest and rise to a height of 640mm or 800mm at full extension. The automated bollard can be operated by a range of access systems and is controlled by a central PLC. The standard raise time is approximately four seconds, but can be accelerated for Emergency Fast Operation to approximately two seconds. These hydraulic security bollards are extremely strong and robust construction ensures minimal ongoing maintenance with a vandal resistant design, economical and unobtrusive to pedestrians. Designed to be used by any road going vehicle.